Market Pulse Terminal


Filter Parameters:
Gainers – mean shares whose price has risen the most.
New High – means a new peak in the stock price.
Gap Up – means that the stock opening price is much higher than the closing price.
Volume + – means high sales volume.
Gap Down – means that the stock opening price is much lower than the closing price.
New Low – means a new low in the stock price.
Losers – mean shares whose price has dropped to the lowest point.

To view the history of an instrument (its daily schedule), move the cursor over the issuer’s ticker.
Under the data tag there is a convenient box, which allows copying target tickers with a single click for their detailed analysis.

Market Pulse Terminal- a special application for trading platforms developed by VQS Finance Group programmers especially for professional participants in NYSE, NASDAQ, or AMEX. The Market Pulse Terminal includes several parameters which enable the investor to sort for the “hottest” stocks suitable for current-day trading. The Market Pulse Terminal updates information in real-time, allowing investors to instantly react to market changes. The application can be accessed from 9:00 am (NY EST)-Premarket until 4:00 pm (NY EST).

Stock Market News


General News - means general market news.
Нот List - means breaking news.
Earnings - mean corporate profit reports.
Guidance - means company press releases.
M&A - means the news of companies about mergers and acquisitions.
IPOs - means initial public offerings of the company’s shares for public sale. It is assumed that the company for the first time introduces its shares to the market, offering it to the general public.
Hedge Funds - is the news of Hedge Funds:
13Ds - are a mandatory form for investors owning 5% or more of shares in a company. 13D is used by “active” investors, which can fully buy the company in the end. The form is submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
13Gs - are a mandatory form for investors owning 5% or more of shares in the company. Investment needs to be passive and below 20%.
13Fs - are a mandatory quarterly form for hedge funds and other investment entities owning portfolios of more than $100 million. Short positions are not disclosed in 13F.
FDA- means news related to quality food product and medicinal drug control. FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA) is a U.S. government agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, whose objectives are to control compliance with the provisions of law in the domain of maintaining the quality of food products, medication and cosmetics.
Equity Offerings - means the secondary offerings of shares in the companies listed on the stock exchange.
Stock Buybacks - mean the repurchase of treasury shares by the company.

Stock Market News - an informational portal for professional financial market participants. The market news is grouped in an efficient manner, allowing an experienced trader to save valuable time during market opening preparation.